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Article on JAPAN TIMES 2007


The key to analyze Radical Suzuki’s unique field of his works just symbolize titles of the contents of this site.

cute, humorous, face, eyes, girl and boys, love,nude and body, sweetness, sexy, activeness, pulse, deformation, reality, some mysteries and today’s illness. plus problems he is faced with, diet, health and food.

By different media he has been commissioned, there are many works as a illustration,brilliant experience of prizes and some offers in Europe. Each of them he has composed are based on a key word above. This is very all “Radical” Suzuki wants to express.

By making good use of computer,he developed these motif with his own arrangement. That’s today’s his world of works. It seems they are composed with air-brush or only brush. We can feel warmth and intimate touch in it not like computer graphic but it has marvelous harmony with art and popularity only computer can make. Originally he doesn’t care for mechanics,as composing by hand but it doesn’t matter to him how materials it is. Figure’s individual faces will be remembered. It is sure that you can find it to be his works. As he is drawing,he examine this attractive object of study at all point. In the future,it will be released Whether imaginary figures and characters or portraits of real people,you are welcome to Suzuki’s world by way of his own filter.

Although there is a difference between generation and generation, Suzuki’s existence is different from “OTAKU”culture like comics, his mind is opened to every other culture. There are a good number of followers in the world but he is the original and “one and only” as his quality and talent are firm.

Radical Suzuki ~simplified personal history

Since three years old,he did nothing but draw with crayon and coloured pencil given by his mother who has sense of art. He had never played outside.

After a fashion he graduated design school but lessons were nothing to him. So to speak,it may safely be said that he learned it by himself. He had got a job with design office as a illustrator but he resigned because of the difference on what he aimed for. He became free at age 20. This is the only experience of his professional career. He had been making use of every art ist’s material but he already put his hand to computer graphic arts of Macintosh in 1989. The then new model was IIcx. Since then,the computer graphics time has come in real earnest in the middle of nineties and it plunged into the movement concerned. He has dealt with various kinds of business like publication, publicity, TVCM, designing premium goods, other project shows, voluntary activities etc. As a illustration,it is not too much to say that he has handled every branch of business. There are really different works. Sometimes he go back to the beginning and compose by hand or colour solid objects. As for publication, he deal with all kinds of it. Woman, Fashion, Business, Man, Education, Infant, Study, Young, Family, Medicine, Food, Clothing and Shelter, Literature, Practical use, IT, Culture, Music, Movie, Subculture etc.

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