Miss Pretty

Miss pretty

Dancing miss pretty

OL miss pretty

OL miss pretty 2

Summer miss pretty

OL miss pretty 3


Don't touch me!

Funky Radical World

Yoko (with head phone)

Picture Drawn with Brush 1

Picture Drawn with Brush 2

Picture Drawn with Brush 3

Yoko, You are the most import thing to me.

I recently had suffers from love.

At a resort

Yoko (see through)

Yoko (summer costume)

Yoko Kimono (Yukata with Fireworks)

Yoko Kimono (Yukata)

My name card 1997

My name card

Yoko in Black
Yoko in Black 2


Left : Yoko, age21 / Right : Yoko, age14

Pajamas & sweat suits


Especially she loves jewelry

She order all her favorite sushi at once

She feeling nervous, in the midnight city

Could you do me favor? What?

It wasn't a dream after all

Your so-called kindness makes me feel lonely.

Between nine to five, I'm armed.

I'm busy all the time, so you find me.