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Man, Waist 85cm or more /  Woman, Waist 90cm or more (from Orange Page, Mook)
He is fat with just fat / He is fat but with muscles (from Orange Page, Mook)
The standards are different depending on the race (from Orange Page, Mook)
Healthy Meal of a married couple with Metabolic syndrome (from Orange Page, Mook)
Exercising, recording, and eating right (from Orange Page, Mook)
The ideal bodies, and the bodies of defeat
Diet is in everyone's interest.
Be careful of the calories!
Who's the most beautiful of them all?

King of Garlic
King of Garlic

Let's diet with Karaoke!
I'm cool.
103kg Body

Days of lie down and eat

Inner foot, outer foot training
sea songs
sea songs