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Left : The Internet mother (Magazine House)  / Right : Reminiscent smile at the end of the century (Bungeishunju)
Left : Confused Alices (Kodansha) / Right : Man and Woman - Awfully embarrassing stories (Kawaide Shobo new company)
Left: Breaking the rules on diet! (Kawaide Shobo new company)  Right: Men need good looks after all. (Kobunsha Publishing)
Left : All women are best teachers (Shueisha) / Right : Love is good, but so are books
Left : PON! She always rings twice (Kodansha) / Right : Star (Gentosha)
Left : Pyongyang high (Asuka shobo new company) / Right : Amazing study of Business Administration (Shueisha)
Left : Challenging Women (Bungeishunju) / Right : Family Zenzai (Kodansha)
Left : Book of Sex that makes you beautiful (Makino Publication) / Right : The Secret stories of female doctors (Nagaoka Publishing)
Left : 200 questions about sex (Nagaoka Publishing) / Right : If you wanna pass, Don't study! (Kodansha)

left : Yankee cultural theory(kawade shobo new company) / Right : How to be made a painful woman(Shueisha)
left : The Book which protects you from a stoker(Houken) / Right : The tag of a rose(kawade shobo new company)

How about getting married?(Seishun Publication)/ Right :  Incomplatet dad manual(Furukawa Publishing)
left :  It's too optimistic(toyo keizai shunpo sha)/ Right :  Yoko Gushiken woodbook(Bunka sha)
left :  English words that lead to native(Shufu no tomo sha)/ Right :  Let's make a net shop(Locus)
left :  Culutueal identity formation of intercultural children(Brain Publishing)/ Right :  Mouth exrcise(Makino Publication)
left :  Person handling dangerous things (Tool Box)/ Right : Doahonomix and Trupannomix (Mainichi Shimbun Publishing)
left :  Face encyclopedia(Maruzen Publishing)/ Right :  Words of Prince(Shuwa system)

left :  Evolution of the Face(Kodansha) / Right :  With Obi(Mask Design)